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When you visit Skin Exquisite in Port Macquarie you can be sure of receiving first-class service. From our welcoming staff to our exceptional products and treatments we do our utmost to provide you with the care you deserve. This is why we use only the best skincare products from industry leaders.

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Synergie Skin — Skin Exquisite in Macquarie NSW


A cosmeceutical skincare range formulated to create a biological and visible change in the skin. With over fifty products, ranging from active serums to moisturisers, Synergie Skin offers a range that is expertly tailored for your skin concerns. We understand that every skin type is different, and believe in the importance of a targeted skincare routine. From acne to hyperpigmentation, we make it our mission to create products that address all skin concerns and make you feel truly wonderful in your skin at every age.

Synergie Minerals — Skin Exquisite in Macquarie NSW


A cosmeceutical mineral makeup range formulated to benefit your skin. With high-grade zinc oxide and titanium dioxide minerals, Synergie Minerals offers superior quality, broadspectrum UV and Infrared sun protection for all skin exposed to the environment. Catering to all makeup needs, the range covers protective and flawless foundations, active lipglosses, hydrating blushes and bronzers, post-operative concealers and gentle, natural mascara for the lashes. Synergie Minerals is truly a functional makeup range that completes your daily skincare regimen.

Practitioner — Skin Exquisite in Macquarie NSW


A doctor-only edit of six advanced key cosmeceuticals taken from the Synergie Skin range. The Synergie Practitioner formulas contain higher dosages of active ingredients and additional potent active ingredients. This range offers patients a step up from the Synergie Skin range and is exclusive to medically affiliated practices

ASAP Products


ASAP offers cosmeceutical skincare solutions for men and women. Their range of fast-acting skincare products use a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and antioxidants, to help promote optimum skin health and appearance. The ASAP skin care range contains scientifically formulated products for all skin types. These products can assist in minimising the signs of ageing and promote a smooth, healthy complexion..