Lotus Gyno Laser (Vaginal Laser)

The treatment stimulates the regeneration of important tissue structures that keep your vagina elastic, lubricated and healthy.



Vaginal Laxity and Atrophy


Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) and Vaginal Atrophy are common problems for women. They can occur as a result of natural ageing, pregnancy and childbirth, natural or induced menopause, or any illness that interferes with normal female hormonal balance.

Does it really work and if so how does it work?


The treatment offered uses an advanced CO2 laser to help improve the tissue of the vaginal wall (both inner and the outer region). The result is tightening of the skin, stimulation of cell turnover which helps improve the moisture present and improve sensitivity. The increased thickness of the vaginal wall and the increased moisture helps reduce the discomfort that a lot of women suffer from.

Lotus Gyno laser — Skin Exquisite in Macquarie NSW

Most women start to notice positive effects approximately 4-6 weeks after the first treatment. Though many women report positive effects much sooner than this. This is because it takes time for the vaginal tissue to respond to the laser and start the rejuvenation process.

One treatment is not enough, for most women we advise 2 to 3 treatments one month apart to achieve noticeable positive longer lasting results. For some women depending on their concerns they may require more treatments.

For the majority of people treatment with the advanced Lotus Gynolaser are relatively comfortable. There can be some discomfort when treating the immediate outer vaginal skin (the labial area) but it is very short lived. Women are often very surprised on how tolerable the laser treatment is.


After the Treatment


The vagina including the labial region may be sensitive for a few days post treatment. You may want to gently pat the area dry for this time.
Wearing cotton underwear is preferable over synthetic products and avoid harsh soaps and other scented products over this time. It is ideal to avoid wearing very tight undergarments.
Avoid very strenuous exercise and hot baths over this time.

A full post procedure information sheet and instructions will be given at the time of treatment and always feel free to contact the clinic if you have any questions.